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"Yahaal" for baby
(and for parents too!)

It’s difficult for any parent when they run out of diapers or other baby essentials at 2 a.m. or, even worse, can’t find their baby suitable formula in the nearest shop when they need it. From there, the story started in 2017 to provide everything mom and baby could need & deliver at any time of day or night as fast as possible.


To cover every family’s needs related to their kids in a fast, reliable, and convenient way. 



Making raising a child’s experience way easier at a level encourages people to have more.


Become a Business Partner

There are opportunities galore for businesses wishing to partner with Yahaal’s agile and fast-growing operations. Email us for more information at support@yahaal.com, and you’ll find us to be a company that places honesty and integrity at the heart of all we do. (As you’ll see, if you join us, we do many great things.)